Thursday, December 6, 2012

Understand the Complexity of the Medical Record Review Process

Medical Record Review
As an attorney handling medical litigation, you have just taken up a new case. It is a personal injury case that entails detailed analysis of the relevant medical records. Rather than tussle with the voluminous medical records you may decide to outsource the task of organizing and summarizing the medical records to a reliable medical record review firm. A clear understanding of the medical review process will throw light on its intricacies, and also highlight why it is important to outsource only to the right provider.

Medical Record Organization for Easy Access and Reference

The medical records of your client include those from all physicians he has seen. The records will reveal the injury, the dates of treatment, tests, medications as well as the outcome of the treatment. They will also contain contact information about each provider. Medical records are usually categorized as:

• General records
• Hospital medical records
• Assessment records
• Therapy records
• Diagnostic records

A medical review company providing customized services will provide medical record organization service that is tailored to meet individual client requirements. Here are the main processes involved in the organization phase:

• Relevant information is identified from the records referencing the date of service, type of service, provider and place of service
• The medical records are analyzed in order to summarize and classify them appropriately
• The information obtained is reviewed to ensure completeness, compliance and accuracy
• The information is then tabulated and laid out in a clearly comprehensible format
• Any missing information is spotted, and arrangements are made to secure missing records.

Medical Case History and Summary for a Clear Perspective of the Case

Systematic review of the medical records helps to establish a timeline of events, or a medical case chronology that will contain details about all medical encounters. The medical review company will ensure that all relevant medical records required with regard to your client’s claim are available. As the attorney preparing the case, you should be aware that comprehensive and accurate analysis of the medical records is a decisive factor in the success or failure of your case. When extensive review of complex medical data is involved, you will surely benefit from the services of a professional and competent medical review company.

Professional medical review staff at your partnering firm will extract patient history from the medical records and list history according to category. All aspects regarding the patient’s pre-existing conditions, hereditary factors and other relevant details will be clearly laid out in the concise medical history and summary provided. The data highlighted would include details of hospital stay, the patient’s personal information, entry into and discharge from hospital, and emergency and ensuing care provided. Apart from this, details regarding the medications provided, current medications, information about the injury, and opinions of medical professionals would all be clearly provided.

With the required medical data available at your fingertips, you can easily prepare and fight your case. However, considering the complexity of the task, outsource only to providers known for their integrity and commitment.  Ensure that your service provider is HIPAA compliant, has excellent QA measures in place, and provides 24x7 personalized service.

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