Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Finding a Good Medical Review Company

Medical Record Review

Medical records are complex, documentation errors and bloopers adding to the complexity. They can destroy your peace of mind and leave you out of focus. However, note that this is only for one with the untrained eye. When we say untrained, it signifies professionals other than those in the medical vocation / and those knowledgeable/trained in medical terminology and jargon. Even physicians called to review medical records may find them rather cumbersome. Then what can one say about legal professionals involved in medical litigation and having to handle loads and loads of medical data? To stay focused and to safeguard the smooth and systematic functioning of your office, you need reliable assistance. And this is what you can receive from an efficient and experienced medical record review company. How do you go about finding a good medical review company? Before setting out to find a reliable provider, you need to know the qualities that distinguish the ideal service provider.

Reliable Medical Review Services – Hallmark Features

Reliable medical review services relieve the heavy workload of medical-legal entities that have to handle large volume medical records. Physicians undertaking peer review services, attorneys and lawyers involved in medical litigation, and other entities such as insurance companies and private corporations having to deal with various types of injury claims can all benefit from these value-added services. Let us consider the features that distinguish competent medical record review services.

• Trained, qualified and experienced medical review team usually comprising physicians, nurses and documentation specialists. They ensure speedy and accurate record review within the required turnaround time.
• HIPAA compliance to ensure maximum security and confidentiality for patient data. Reliable providers have stringent QA measures as well as security protocols to safeguard sensitive healthcare information.
• Customized medical review services that cater to specific client requirements. Solutions provided are flexible so that client needs are ideally met.
• Competitive pricing with exciting cost savings: affordability is something any business planning to sign up for the required services would have in mind. Seasoned providers offer competitive pricing along with attractive cost savings up to 40% for their clients. Their focus will be on ensuring client satisfaction.
• Free trial offer: this is something only medical review firms that are confident about their services can offer. It is the ideal way clients can check out important service features such as reliability, accuracy, turnaround time, quality and more.

Outsource to a Dedicated Medical Record Review Company

Going by the above standards you can make a wise selection. A medical review company satisfying the requirements listed above will be a solid support when it comes to medical record review. The ideal provider can meet even the most challenging requirements whether you are looking for independent medical reviews, peer review services or just want help to organize and streamline your medical records.

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