Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What the Medical Record Review Process Involves

The medical record review process involves a detailed evaluation of healthcare data, and organization of this information for easy access and use. This is a significant process for those involved in medical litigation such as attorneys, physicians, private corporations, and insurance companies. They need to find critical and relevant information from the voluminous patient records that come to them.

Medical record review is best outsourced to a medical record review company that is experienced in providing services in this field. Since such a company is dedicated to providing medical review services that are personalized in keeping with individual client requirements, it would have trained and experienced medical review professionals including documentation staff.

Medical Review Services – Find, Review, Interpret and Analyze

Finding relevant patient information that lie embedded in the medical records, reviewing and interpreting it, analyzing it and providing concise medical case summaries lies at the heart of the medical record review process. The medical reviews provided will help attorneys to clearly understand the strong and weak aspects of the cases they are handling. These busy professionals can at the same timestay away from the tedious task of attempting to comprehend complex medical terminology and jargon.

Insurance companies dealing with personal injury claims also benefit from comprehensive medical review services. Physicians and attorneys working for insurance companies can benefit from outsourcing the record review process to a reliable medical record review company.

Steps Involved in the Medical Review Process

Typically, the review process involves the following important steps:

• Identifying the components of the medical records
• Extracting and arranging healthcare data by category/type
• Chronological listing of all records
• Medical record indexing
• Preparing a timeline/medical case chronology
• Medical case history and summary

Medical record review service provided by a competent medical review firm is a great support when it comes to evaluating complex cases. In the course of the review process, an experienced company will also identify missing records if any, and make arrangements to secure those.

Benefits Ensured by a Reliable Service Provider

Finding a reliable service provider for your medical record review is very important. A reputable medical review outsourcing firm can be identified by the following distinguishing qualities.

• Dedication to quality and accuracy
• Customized services
• Absolute HIPAA compliance
• Customized turnaround
• 24/7 customer service
• Competitive pricing with cost savings up to 40%
• Flawless management of case files
• 3-level quality checking

Look for a medical record review company that has a dedicated workforce comprising physicians and nurses who have firsthand knowledge regarding the medical data, and skilled documentation experts. It would be great if your service provider can provide a dedicated team to work for you because then you will have anytime access to the required expertise. Moreover, you can rest sureured that your medical record review will be completed in a timely manner.

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