Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Medical Review Support Services for Attorneys

Attorneys looking for a clear understanding of the medical aspects of a case will find medical review support services very useful. Medical review services provided by a dependable medical record review company include a range of solutions designed to meet the needs of medical-legal professionals involved in medical litigation. Services are available for litigation areas including personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, accidents, and Workers’ Compensation. Medical record organization, medical case chronology, and medical case history and summary are among the services attorneys can request for.

Overview of Services Provided by a Medical Record Review Company

• The relevant information is extracted, and classified according to the data type
• All elements of the medical records are identified
• All objective tests carried out are listed
• All reviewed documents, including imaging records and other records are listed
• Information such as patient demography, medical care received, diagnostic procedures, therapy provided, and other details are clearly highlighted
• The listed data is chronologically arranged for easy perusal and understanding
• Preparation of medical history and concise summaries

Many Benefits for Attorneys

With an experienced and dedicated medical record review company, attorneys get to enjoy many benefits. Well-prepared documentation for each case is a great support for legal entities caught up in a busy schedule. When medical records are organized by the expert medical review team, any missing records are easily identified. Your service provider will make arrangements to secure those records which may become vital at some stage of the trial. Since the professionals in the review team are experienced in the field, they can easily decipher complex medical terminology contained in the medical records, which may prove difficult to a non-medical person. This translates into considerable savings in terms of time and effort.

There are many other benefits in associating with a reliable service provider.

• HIPAA compliance
• State-of-the-art security measures to safeguard patient data
• Dedicated workforce
• Personalized service
• Foolproof quality assurance methods and quality audits
• Flexibility to utilize any software of your preference
• Customized turnaround time
• Responsive and prompt customer support

Check Out Any Free Trial Available

The best way to assess a service provider is by checking out any free trial available. Aspects such as turnaround time, service quality, accuracy and more can be evaluated before signing up for their medical review services. Ensure that the firm can work as an extension to your practice providing value-added services.

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