Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MOS Performing Reliable and Systematic Medical Case History and Summary

MOS (Managed Outsource Solutions), a leading medical record review company in the U.S., performs reliable and systematic medical case history and summary support. These support solutions help a wide range of clients based in various parts of the U.S. to save the time spent in arranging the medical records and preparing summaries.

Medical Case History and Summary Incorporating Relevant Information
Medical case history and summary is prepared following comprehensive review and assessment of the medical records. MOS staff applies their knowledge to present the facts in a manner that would make all factors pertaining to the case completely clear to the client. The information included in the medical records would be objectively presented in an uncomplicated, easy-to-read and comprehensible format.
The medical case history and summary would contain essential pieces of information, details pertaining to patient/claimant problems and relevant information from focused periods of care. Following sorting and indexing of the medical records, the review experts would decipher and summarize them to enable suitable classification to suit varied litigation requirements.

The medical case summaries would incorporate information such as:
  • Patient’s personal information
  • Hospital stay
  • Entry into and release from hospital
  • Patient’s deposition testimony
  • The medications provided
  • Immediate and continuing care provided
  • Medications in use
  • Diagnostic test results
  • Opinions of medical professionals with respect to causation, disability and appointment
A Wide Range of Benefits
Medical case history and summary support from Managed Outsource Solutions brings a wide range of benefits:
  • Completely HIPAA compliant and incorporates several security protocols
  • Personalized solutions
  • Stringent quality auditing ensures quality service every time
  • Affordable competitive pricing
  • Great cost savings when compared to performing the tasks in-house
  • Flexible turnaround time starting from 24 hours to less
  • 24/7/365 customer support available
  • Free Trial

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