Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MOS Easing Medical Record Review with Reliable Medical Case History and Summary Services

Medical case history and summary tasks can be a real challenge for busy legal professionals, physician reviewers, insurance companies and medical record management companies.  Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS), a medical record review company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is helping to ease the situation with competent medical case history and summary services.

Regardless of the type of medico-legal case, organizing medical case history and summary is vital. Legal professionals and physicians handling such cases rarely have the time to perform this time-consuming task. Moreover, for lawyers preparing summaries for a medico-legal case most often struggle with comprehending medical jargon and terminology. They would need to research unfamiliar subjects or contact the appropriate medical specialist. Outsourcing medical record summary tasks to MOS can provide the solution.

MOS is well equipped to provide professional medical review support services. The company’s team is well-versed in medical terminology, procedures, abbreviations and other related matters. This allows them to unravel all the facts relevant to a case, and to provide a concise medical case history and summary. Clients can expect detailed medical case summaries that cover information relating to everything from hospital stay, personal information and the patient’s deposition testimony to the opinions of medical professionals with regard to causation, appointment, and disability and diagnostic test results.

This medical review company has a stringent QA procedures and audit trail in place, which ensures top accuracy. Medical records are reviewed for completeness and special attention is paid to detect the presence or absence to certain items that could be relevant to the client’s case. In fact, MOS is focused on providing customized medical case history and summary services. Every client’s tasks are treated as unique.

MOS is also focused on preserving the confidentiality of patient records and medical information.

“We are extremely sensitive about the regulations that affect the medical and legal industry. We are fully HIPAA compliant and make sure that we follow all protocols that are necessary to achieve this goal,” says the company’s spokesperson.

An added bonus with these affordable medical review support services is that they come with customized turnaround time, round-the-clock technical support and a free trial.

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